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Progress Reports - What are they?

Posted by AndY in Development Reports on 08 September 2010 · 1863 views
release candidate development report
Progress Reports - What are they?
Last Updated: Sep 29, 2010

Overwatch has been released to the public, but its development is far from over. As we work hard to bring you update after update, we want to keep you informed about our progress and upcoming releases.

The reports we post are the best source of information regarding Overwatch's development, providing insight into what the development team is actively working to add, improve and update in the game. This includes new features we plan to implement and bugs we are working hard to eliminate. We unfortunately won't always be able to write out a complete list in these reports, but they will give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect to see in upcoming releases.

Progress Reports are posted on Wednesdays every two weeks. They include:

  • News (Introduction)
    A recap of the last few weeks and a taste of what's to come, including any important news we wish to share.

  • In Progress
    A list of upcoming features, improvements and bug fixes for Overwatch and the Updater utility that are currently being prototyped and playtested, as well as changes or additions to our Community website. Updates to the game usually go through a number of iterations, tests and tweaks before settling on a version that we feel is suitable for release. Some of the big new features in this list might even get their own blog post, giving you a more in-depth preview of what's to come.

    Items we are currently discussing internally (or on the public forums) are also listed here. It is worth noting that every aspect of an item and the impact it could have on gameplay is explored before implementing a first version that can be tested in-game.

  • What's Next?
    Details regarding some of our future plans.

Disclaimer: While these reports may list features or fixes as pending or coming soon, unforeseen circumstances may delay certain items from being released on time or alongside other items on these lists.

As always, your ideas and suggestions are more than welcome and we'll be actively monitoring these reports for your feedback!

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