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Spotlight #1: 1.3.0 (2/4)

Posted by AndY in Spotlights on 20 October 2010 · 2588 views
voice commands medpack riot shield medic defender roles spotlight vocal responses

Welcome back to the first edition of our Spotlight segment, where we'll be showcasing upcoming features before they are released!

The format is quite simple: each feature we showcase comes with some media (usually screenshots) and a small description. Comments and feedback are definitely welcome!

For our upcoming major release (1.3.0), due out this Friday the 22nd, we've put together a four-part series to showcase a different set of features every day until Thursday.

Missed part one? Don't worry! You can find it in this blog post, where we showcased NPC Abilities, the Map Info Panel, City Scanners and the new Capture Zone Markers.

And now, here's a beefier part two:

1. Player Roles (Defender, Medic)

Attached Image - Attached Image - Attached Image

Tired of being your run-of-the-mill rebel? The new Roles feature will give you a chance to shine.

If you've been playing Overwatch, you should already be familiar with the Riot Shield. The first version of the shield was simply a prop you'd pick up off the ground that would act as a barrier, protecting you (and anyone behind you) from incoming fire. Problem is, no one really knew you actually had one until you had it equipped. This is where Roles come in.

The Riot Shield is now part of the Defender role, and the shield itself is a special item. With the roles system in place, we've been able to improve various aspects of the game to encourage the use of special items, which in turn should help to promote teamwork.

Attached Image - Attached Image - Attached Image

We've also introduced a brand new role to 1.3.0: the Medic (who uses the special item: MedPack). Obviously, the medic's role is to heal his fellow Resistance members, and do his best not to get gunned down in the process. He needs to be quick and versatile!

To promote the use of the new roles system, we've improved many areas of the player's HUD and Minimap to make finding special items easier (whether they be somewhere in the map or equipped by an ally). Medics are particularly easy to spot since any player carrying a MedPack will automatically be equipped with a medic uniform.

Here are some other details regarding this new feature:

  • Defender/Medic:
    • Special items can be found by looking for the blue healer/shield icons in the map (or on the Minimap).
    • Medics and Defenders will have a green healer/shield icon overhead (and on the Minimap) instead of the normal triangle.
    • A player can only have one role (he can only carry one special item).
    • Special items can be dropped so that other players may pick them up (bind a key in the Keyboard Options menu).
    • Any special item that is not equipped (dropped) will return to its spawn point after 30 seconds.
    • Special items are in Slot #6 of the weapons selection menu (the Riot Shield has been moved there).
  • Medic Only:
    • MedPack ammo always starts at zero (0) (every time it's picked up).
    • MedPack ammo regenerates over time. The Medic's health (HP) also regenerates over time (automatic self-healing).
    • MedPack's ammo regeneration speed is cut in half when the Medic's health (HP) is being regenerated.
    • Medics use a medic model (male or female). They revert back to the regular rebel model when the MedPack is dropped.
Finally, to encourage the use of the MedPack, wall-mounted health regenerators (which were usually only used by Freeman and his HEV suit) have been removed from our levels. We've scattered a few healthkits and health vials around the maps to help.

2. Voice Commands

Attached Image - Attached Image

Voice Commands give players a quick and easy way to interact in-game, and can be an alternative to using chat or a microphone.

After binding a key for each menu (in the Keyboard Options panel), simply press that key while in the Resistance team and menus will appear (as seen in the screenshots above).

Once 1.3.0 is released, we'll be posting a guide that will explain how to bind a specific voice command to its own key (so you'd be able to call for a medic by only pressing one key instead of two).

3. Automated Vocal Responses

Attached Image

Gordon Freeman may not speak much, but other members of the Resistance sure do!

Automated Vocal Responses are voice-over cues that are triggered by certain in-game events, like spotting an enemy, coming under fire, reloading or healing other players.

It's a simple feature that adds a bit of life to the game!

As always, remember that all of these features are still works in progress that may be updated and improved at any time.

That's all for part two of our series. Check back here tomorrow for part three where we'll be showcasing our two brand new maps!

Until then!

Source: Spotlight #1: 1.3.0 (2/4)

Nice job on the roles pretty much how I think alot of us pictured that to work... I didn't think of making the green arrow over the head change... that's gonna help a real lot plus kinda give that person the feeling that "yeah I do have responsiblity's to the team :D" now...only if we could get a demoman/grenader role... (I miss smg grenades)

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