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Progress Report VIII

Posted by AndY in Progress Reports on 28 October 2010 · 2316 views
progress report
If this is your first time reading our progress reports, you should read this Blog entry which explains what these reports contain and how they are organized.

Another fortnight, another report!

▫ Recap

I'll start today's Progress Report with a quick recap of the last seven days, before moving on to the list of items planned for 1.4.0 and subsequent updates:

  • October 20, 2010 - We showcased some of the great new features released in 1.3.0, including Player Roles and NPC Abilities

  • October 21, 2010 - We posted some pre-release media, which included an awesome trailer of the new Citadel, and one of the epic music tracks found in the upcoming Canals level

  • October 22, 2010 - We released 1.3.0!

  • October 23, 2010 - We were interviewed live on Podcast 17's 106th episode, where we discussed the current state of Overwatch's development and some of our future plans

  • October 25, 2010 - We announced two contests running side-by-side with over 600$ worth of cash and prizes to be won

  • October 27, 2010 - We found out that we were featured in two of PC Gamer UK's most recent issues (scan of the article included)

It's been a busy week for us, but with the release of 1.3.0 and the ongoing contests, it sure is fun!

And the work doesn't stop! We've got the next few weeks planned out and are already working on completing Overwatch's next update. In addition to a few new custom entities we've designed, 1.4.0 will contain the long-awaited Crossroads and Canals maps.

▫ In Progress

Here are some of the other features we're working on:

› Being Implemented

  • Game (Client/Server)
    • General
      • [New Feature] Implementing the first version of the Barracks system (used by the GM to spawn units).
      • [New Feature] Implementing the first version of the Resources system.
      • [New Feature] Implementing the ability for the GM to deploy Headcrab canisters at a location of his choosing (as opposed to pre-defined spots on the map).
      • [New Feature] Adding visual and auditory feedback cues for the GM, triggered by events such as units being under attack (or killed).
      • [Improvement] Various changes and improvements to Capture-based objectives (and zones).
      • [Improvement] Various changes and improvements to the Objectives list (top-right).
      • [Improvement] Redesigning the Scoreboard to make room for upcoming features.
      • [Improvement] Second phase of reducing the amount of entity data being transmitted, which should help to reduce "choke" while playing (and hopefully solve the issue with NPCs being difficult to hit).
      • [Improvement] Beginning the AI overhaul phase (more details soon).
    • Map: ow_breach
      • [Misc] Adding two new sections after the train station including a brand new final objective.
      • [Misc] The final section will feature GM traps such as spawning Snipers in various locations.
      • [Sound] Improvements to Breach's music tracks (to make them a bit more exciting).
    • Map: ow_canals
      • [Misc] Preparing Canals for a first release (time trial).
      • [Misc] This level features the Helicopter, the APC (firing rockets), and Scanners (Type II) with the NPC Ability allowing the GM to drop Hopper Mines at a selected location.
    • Map: ow_citadel
      • [Aesthetics] Final art and detailing pass.
    • Map: ow_crossroads
      • [Misc] Preparing Crossroads for a first release (survival).
      • [Misc] Zombies and Headcrabs are considered a common enemy, they will attack both sides.
  • Updater Utility
    • General
      • [Improvement] Implementing a progress bar that will be displayed when downloading update packages.

› Being Discussed:

▫ What's Next?

We have some interesting ideas brewing for Overwatch's next stretch of development, which we'll be sharing with you in our next progress report. Note that, since we'll be at the Montreal International Game Summit on the week of November 8th, Progress Report IX will be posted on the 17th of November instead of the 10th!

But don't be sad! We'll be sure to post whatever pictures and video footage we've taken at the summit (or anywhere else we'll be at) as often as we can, to make up for the lack of a report that week (I'm trying to convince the fellas to play some Paintball, which would definitely make for some interesting pictures). Also, if anyone is or plans to be in or around Montreal during that week, be sure to drop me a line!

Finally, if you have questions you'd like to ask the developers, be sure to post them in this month's Ask the Devs!

We hope you've enjoyed reading this edition of our Progress Reports. Do you think Overwatch's development is headed in the right direction? Let us know!

Source: Progress Report VIII

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