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A New Map of Mine for TF2: CTF_Concrete

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#1 The Joker

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Posted 24 November 2011 - 03:35 AM

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CTF_Concrete is a Capture-The-Flag map for Team Fortress 2. Symmetrical, face-paced, violent, and compact, this map offers close-quarters-combat, solid in-the-face confrontations, and a whole lot of blood and guts spilled everywhere.

Set within a small complex with the opposing RED and BLU bases ridiculously close to eachother, rushing toward the flag rooms is a breeze for Scouts and other fast classes. Setting up defenses within the flag rooms immediately is very, very, very strongly advised.
In the center of the complex is a small generator room with offices belonging to each opposing faction. Health, ammo, and a direct route via vents to the opposing teams’ flag room makes this central room a high-priority target for both RED and BLU forces.

  • Symmetrical design
  • Main, central generator room
  • Vent shafts lead directly above flag rooms
  • Compact, close-quarters environment
  • Claustrophobic corridors leading to flag rooms
  • Highly-defensible flag rooms
  • Two secondary boiler rooms connecting the central generator room to each team’s spawn

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#2 ShiftedDesign


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Posted 13 December 2011 - 02:22 AM

Looking good, rooms do seem a little big.
Also, looking at the room with the turbines, I see a lot of ramps.
Which being from UT2k4 and CSS ramps are normal, but in TF2, ramps don't really exist.
So if you were looking to get into the style of TF2 then I would recommend stairs, probably metal to match the style you were going with already.
Another thing is that the size of the room is pretty big to the point that Snipers would have a great day just camping it up.
If you dont want to scale it down possibly adding more cover would help.

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