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  • #000075

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  • 1.3.5

  • Dev Build

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Unit command issue.

Posted by ScrooLewse on 13 December 2010 - 05:54 PM

It happens all the time as Overwatch when I select units my cursor turns into the selection finger and I cannot control my units. I've found several "quick fixes" but none of them are at all reliable. The ones I remember off the top of my are are:

Pressing TAB.
Using chat.
Clicking repeatedly.
Reselecting units.

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Updating severity to: 3 - Medium
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Hey ScrooLewse,

We're already testing a fix for it, which we'll release in the next patch.

In the meantime, whenever you get the hand icon stuck, just put your cursor over one of the GM buttons (like a spawn or a trap), then move away and it'll get unstuck.

You guys do so much hard work and we as a community can't thank you enough.

Thanks Devs and good luck!

Updating Internal ID to: 1239

Fixed in r1569.

changed fixed-in version to: Dev Build
changed status to: Resolved - Fixed

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