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Access to Overwatch's Development Build

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#1 AndY

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Posted 11 March 2011 - 11:57 AM


As I'd mentioned in the previous news post, we decided a few weeks ago to grant the community access to internal files (via SVN), which will allow you all to play the very latest development build of Overwatch and to download changes as soon as we make them. This way, you can take a look at some of our test maps, play updated versions of our stock levels and try out some of Overwatch's new features, all while hopefully providing us with valuable feedback that will allow us to make improvements before we release updates to the general public.

Today, we're pleased to announce that Overwatch's development files are now available for download.

⇒ What is this thread's purpose?

This thread will serve as a reference for all relevant information related to the Dev Build. It will be improved and expanded progressively.

⇒ What is SVN?

SVN (abbr. Subversion) is a software versioning and a revision control system. With SVN, our developers can keep detailed track of every commit (all the way back to the first one!), work simultaneously without running the risk of overwriting each other's modifications, easily undo problematic changes, etc.. It is one of the most invaluable tools used in software development.

In short, every change we make is sent to a centralized server, allowing our entire team to immediately grab the latest files.

⇒ What's on there that isn't in the latest release?

Quite a few things actually. Take a look at the changelog!

⇒ How does it work?

Anyone who already has experience with SVN (or TortoiseSVN) should know what to do with this link: https://vc.pub.redma...verwatch/trunk/ - Everyone else, read on!

SVN comes with a ton of functionality, but most of you will only care about two of them: downloading files and updating them. This can be accomplished in several ways, but we've put together a very simple system that'll do all the work for you:
  • Step 1: Download the Installer
    You'll only ever need one installer to download Overwatch's development files. You can grab it here.

  • Step 2: Run the Installer
    It may look similar to the one we've been using for major releases, but it's actually very different. Once you're past the Introduction, License Agreement, Instructions and Choose Install Location pages, here's what happens:
    • The Installer will first download the latest version of files it requires,
    • It will then start the installation, which will trigger a download of Overwatch's latest development files. This may take a while (approx. download size as of r1627: 338MB).
  • Step 3: Launch Overwatch (Dev)
    Once completed, you'll be given the option to launch Overwatch. If selected, a window will pop up and ask you to press any key once it's ready to launch the game. At this point, you can also use Steam to launch it (the game will be listed as Overwatch (Dev) on there). Remember that you'll need to restart Steam after the installation completes for the game to appear in the list.

  • Step 4: Update Overwatch (Dev)
    The panel in the top-right corner of the Main Menu has been updated. You'll now be able to see what revision (version) you have compared to the latest available. If your installation is out of date, simply click the Update button, and let the game do the rest.

⇒ Where can I play?

Posted Image
→ Branzone.com

Click here for the current list of Dev Build servers, hosted by our partner.

⇒ #redMatter on our IRC Network

Don't forget that you can track Overwatch's development progress live in the #redMatter IRC channel. Feel free to drop by (instructions on how to join can be found in this thread)!

⇒ Where can I get help?

Our IRC channel (see instructions above) is the best place to get help with the development build.

We hope to see you on one of the dev servers soon!

#2 AndY

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Posted 11 March 2011 - 03:10 PM

Initial version of the post is up. I'll be adding more info over the next few days.

Remember to direct all comments to this forum section.

#3 AndY

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Posted 17 March 2012 - 12:07 PM

Details updated.

Please report any issues found during scheduled playtimes in the appropriate Bugs/Issues threads found in the Development Build section of the forums.

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