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Entity Description

This point based entity shows a hint at its position in the world. It is shown at all times when on, even through walls.

Key Values

  • Targetname:
    Name <targetname>
    The targetname other entities refer to this entity by.

  • Parentname:
    Parent <targetname>
    Specifies the targetname of this entity's movement parent. Entities with parents move with their parent.

  • StartActive:
    Start On <choices>
    Should it start on and be visible.
    • 0: No
    • 1: Yes
  • ShowProgress:
    Show Progress <choices>
    Should it show the progress. Starts by default at 100%. It can be changed via the input SetProgress(float).
    • 0: No
    • 1: Yes
  • Team:
    Team <choices>
    Which team should see this indicator.
    • 0: Both
    • 1: Players
      [^]2: GM
  • DisplayRange:
    [*[Display Range <float> [/b]
    The range within which the indicator is displayed to the player. Does not concern the GM. 0 = infinite range

  • GmTexture:
    GM Icon <string>
    The path to the texture.

  • RebelTexture:
    Rebel Icon <string>
    The path to the texture.

  • GmLabel:
    GM Text <string>
    Label shown to the GM. Displayed under the icon.

  • RebelLabel:
    Rebel Text <string>
    Label shown to rebels. Displayed under the icon.


  • TurnOn
    Turn on the indicator.

  • TurnOff
    Turn off the indicator.

  • ShowProgress <bool>
    Set boolean if indicator should show progress.

  • SetProgressRatio <float>
    Set progress ratio to show. Between [0..1] where 1 is max (100%)
    Usage: a func_breakable can have an output OnHealthChanged send to this. Then the func_breakable's health will be shown by the info_indicator_ow.

Revision History

  • 27 NOV 2010 - Added new keys, "Team" and "Display Range"