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Entity Description

This point based entity shows a hint icon and a text message at its position in the world. It can be defined a maximum range to show at, and who to show it to. It's rendered on the player's HUD so it can also be seen through walls if active behind one.

Key Values

  • Targetname:
    Name <targetname>
    The targetname other entities refer to this entity by.

  • Parentname:
    Parent <targetname>
    Specifies the targetname of this entity's movement parent. Entities with parents move with their parent.

  • IsMaster:
    Is Template <choices>
    Is this a template hint. Template hints do not display themselves and are used in the creation of child hints to be attached to other entities, such as prop_physics_multiplayer_ow.
    • 0: No
    • 1: Yes
  • Team:
    Team <choices>
    Which team the hint should be displayed to.
    • 0: Resistance
    • 1: Overwatch
    • 2: Both
  • StartOn:
    Start On <choices>
    Start on and visible.
    • 0: No
    • 1: Yes
  • DisplayRange:
    Display Range <float>
    The range within which the hint is displayed to the player. Does not concern the GM.

  • ShowArrow:
    Show Arrow <choices>
    Whether or not the hint should show an arrow pointing at its origin.
    • 0: No
    • 1: Yes
  • ShowIcon:
    Show Icon <choices>
    Whether or not the hint should show an icon.
    • 0: No
    • 1: Yes
  • TipTexture:
    Hint Icon <string>
    The path to the hint icon material.

  • displayonminimap:
    Display on Minimap <choices>
    Whether or not the hint should be displayed on the minimap.
    • 0: No
    • 1: Yes
  • ShowText:
    Show Text <choices>
    Whether or not the hint should show a text message.
    • 0: No
    • 1: Yes
  • TipLabel:
    Hint Label <string>
    The hint text message displayed to the player on his HUD.

  • Label Color:
    Label Color <color255>
    Color of the label's text.

  • RequiresLoS:
    Requires LoS <choices>
    Whether or not the hint requires direct line of sight to its origin from the player to be displayed.
    • 0: No
    • 1: Yes


  • TurnOn
    Turns the hint on and displays it to all players even if it was already on.

  • TurnOff
    Turns the hint off and hides it from all players who it was showing to even if it was already off.

  • DisplayForPlayer
    Display the hint for the activating player. A subsequent TurnOff input will override this.

  • HideForPlayer
    Hide the hint for the activating player. A subsequent TurnOn input will override this.

Revision History

  • 27 NOV 2010 - Added new key, "Display on Minimap".